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WARNING WISCONSIN DRIVERS: After being arrested for operating while intoxicated—whether or not you took the breathalyzer test—you are subject to an automatic driver's license suspension. Because this penalty is imposed by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT), and not the legal system, your ability to drive can be taken away even before your guilt or innocence is decided in a court room. The only way to fight the loss of your license is to request an administrative hearing with the DOT within 10 business days of your drunk-driving arrest.

Requesting an Administrative Review Hearing

After being arrested for OWI, you more than likely received a form notifying you about the administrative license suspension and explaining the process for requesting a hearing. In order to appeal your suspension, this form must be submitted within only 10 days of the date listed on the form. Failure to act before this deadline will result in an automatic suspension 30 days after the initial arrest.

Successfully contesting your license suspension requires much more than sending in your form on time; you must also show that this penalty is unfounded. For example, lack of probable cause on behalf of the officer, failure to notify you of the Implied Consent law, or incorrect sobriety tests could cause your suspension to be overturned.

As you can imagine, appealing an administrative license hearing is a complicated matter, especially for those unfamiliar with the law. To increase your chances of a favorable outcome, it's important to immediately contact a seasoned OWI attorney who can ensure not only that your request is submitted before the deadline expires, but who can also prepare a solid defense for the hearing.

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Many of us take for granted our ability to drive; however, losing your license could take a significant toll on your life. Fortunately, the attorneys at Tracey Wood & Associates have helped numerous Wisconsin residents successfully appeal their administrative driver's license suspension to minimize the impact of an OWI arrest.

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