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There are a number of penalties those arrested for operating while intoxicated (OWI) in Wisconsin may face, including fines, community service, and a suspended driver's license. Among these penalties is probation. This is often offered to lower jail time, though those who fail to adhere to the terms and conditions of their probation may be required to serve out the remainder of their suspended incarceration sentence.

OWI Probation Terms

The terms of probation will depend on the number of prior offenses on your record, the factors in your case, and the individual judge issuing the sentence. While you are on probation, you will be required to check in regularly with a probation officer who supervises your case. This can range from calling once a month to meeting with your supervising officer in person once a week. The role of the probation officer is to ensure that you complete your sentence and stay out of jail as well as oversee your compliance with the program and report any violations.

Other potential terms and conditions include submitting to random drug and alcohol tests, installing an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, or even wearing an electronic monitoring device. In Wisconsin, those on probation are generally required to work or attend school. In addition, you could be subject to home inspections—even without a warrant.

OWI probation may also require that you undergo an alcohol assessment and comply with the recommendations of the counselor. This can include obtaining treatment, attending Alcoholics Anonymous, or participating in group therapy.

If you fail to comply with your probation—or are arrested for another crime—you will be required to serve out any suspended sentence behind bars.  It's important to keep in mind the state need only establish a preponderance of evidence showing that the violation occurred, rather than proving it beyond a reasonable doubt.

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As you can see, serving OWI probation requires a lot of work. Our number one goal is to fight your case so that the impact of your OWI arrest is minimized. At Tracey Wood & Associates, we only handle OWI cases, and we have helped a number of clients secure the dismissal, acquittal and reduction of their charges.

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